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Esperance Lotteries House are always keen for new members so if you have any interest in being involved in the Esperance community please feel free to come along to our committee meetings.


Nicci Douglas

Nicci is our newest Chairperson.


Community Member

Vicki Davie

Vicki comes from a background in Disability Services, having worked with special needs children at school and now as a carer. Vicki has now been on our Board for 3 years. 

Community Member

Brooklyn Barrett

Brooklyn was employed by Lotteries House as the Centre Coordinator until April 2022 and is staying on as a General Member of the board which combined with her three years in secretarial services makes her a asset to the board. Brooklyn has been involved in the local speedway as the club's Secretary and Promotional Designer whilst also running her own small business from home.


Carolyn Sainty

Carolyn has a strong background in bookkeeping, having been in the industry for the past 30+ years, also the knowledge of running her own business. Carolyn has been on our Board for the past four years and stepped up as Treasurer three years ago.


Taylor Watson

Taylor works within administration at Esperance Lotteries House and has also taken on the role of Secretary for the board. She has experience in hospitality and also business. Taylor has been with the centre for a year now and brings great professionalism and work ethic to the Board.

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